new low

i spent the majority of the evening watch shitty tv including this show, Take the Stage.. which is like Center Stage but without the chick from CrossRoads or the cameo from Randy Pearlstein. aka: whats the point?


and then it pops up that the concept of the show was from Nick Lachey. oh dear god.


i did change the channel when “The Duel II” came on. Come on , i have a little self respect. 

** for reals, Ruthie from Real World Hawaii is still on this. what is wrong with these people? “i’m a recovered alcoholic, i should go spend time in a mansion with a hot tub and a lot of drunk 30 somethings with no life aspirations and no body fat”


One Response to “new low”

  1. stace Says:

    Mamrie, Taking the Stage is awesome! Whatchutalkinbout, girl? Did you see the episode where they had the dance-off at lunch between Tyler’s crew and Jasmine and Malik? That’s REAL LIFE.
    Also, FTW on mentioning Randy in Center Stage.

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