where are the fake zits??

my favorite board game as a youngster was GIRL TALK. filled with truth or dares, prank calls, embarassing stories, a perfect recipe for 8 year old bonding. and if you didnt go thru with your assigned challenge you had to put on a fake zit sticker (a red dot) OMG how embarrassing!


(*what i wouldnt give to have been one of those models, forever immortalized with awesome bangs)

now there’s an updated version starring Raven Symone of the disney channel. my friend doug  found it on the sidewalk this weekend and brought it to me. i imagine i will put it on the sidewalk and someone else will pick it up and take it to give it a whirl before also putting it on the sidewalk and so on and so fourth (grade)…

Take  a looksie!


One Response to “where are the fake zits??”

  1. Jillian Says:

    That thing is like a freaky psychic boob. Where can I sign up?

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