how many bobby brown puns can i fit into one blog?

so, word on the street is that bobby brown didnt have enough money to pay for some pizza at an upper east side pizzeria and threw a tantrum on the phone with his mgr. Says an eyewitness: “He was screaming ‘Where the f— is all my money?’ over and over while his kids waited inside.”

but i think he probably said..


“Listen the F* up mr. telephone man, all i wanted was a couple slices of pepperRoni. dont yell? if i want to yell thats my perogative. hold on, whats that bobbi kristina? you still hungry? heres a five piece.. go getchu some candy, girl. im back, where the F* is all my money? cool it now? hell naw.. dont bring whitney into this. thats straight cruel, dont be cruel. you know what, F* this, im finding new management. someone whos got my back. i pay you!! its like every little step i take, you should be there dawg. youre fired!”


One Response to “how many bobby brown puns can i fit into one blog?”

  1. Editor Says:

    That pizza place doesn’t even have a guy on staff to pop the air bubbles that crop up in the pies. Ain’t nobody humpin around.

    Also, the pie was so hot and the soda had so much ice that Bobby’s meal was simultaneously too hot to handle and too cold to hold.

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