i will never be the same after walking thu union square yesterday. i was scared, and scarred. one might say that i was union squarred. if that one was a total nerd who loved puns (present!)

i see the standard drunk passed out dude sitting on a bench. this noramlly wouldnt garner a second look but i see he has two bags of trader joe’s 3 buck chuck pinot noir beside him. after realizing i have the sommelier taste capacity of a bum, i see he’s covered in the stuff. from top to holy shit thats his penis!! ewwwww, my first flash.

and lets just say the image did not hold tru for the reputation of.. ahem…


** while trying to find the picture above i ran across the worlds GAYEST chicken. check it out


oh this chicken lays alright… other dude chickens. oh yes this chicken pecks.. as in works in his pecs at crunch gym. of course he lives in a coop…. as in a co-op one bedroom in the meat packing district. yeah he’s got a beak… and… im out!

One Response to “cockadoodleDON’T!”

  1. d. Says:

    ‘meat packing district’…..tee hee!

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