a well balanced meal


seeing this tv dinner cupcake sets reminds of how much i used to love kids cuisine! remember those?


i used to wish my mom was lazier so i would get to eat them more often. i would think “your mom works three jobs and feeds you tv dinners everynight?? damn, your lucky” about other kids. the food in these things suck, dont get me wrong. but you know what doesnt suck?? stickers of penguins.

also, best days ever in 4th grade consisted of


for some reason i coveted tiny rubbery ham and processed cheese sandwiches with crackers as the bread. this is way before they came out with pizza lunchables or ones with reeses cups.



One Response to “a well balanced meal”

  1. brandylovestomatoes Says:

    Really great article, I could completely relate to you. 🙂 So strange, I was looking for an interesting cupcake picture on google to put on MY article (also on wordpress) and I found your article.

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