i cant sleep

its like christmas eve night. or the night before the first day of school. except there isnt a fat man in my house and im not having anxiety dreams about nudity (respectively). nay! im too pumped because my band CUDZOO records their first album tomorrow! so hang on to your hats! (since we are about tomake your mind explode) get some aloe (cause we are going to melt your face off with rock)

so no sleep. instead i am drinking a stout and watching ace of cakes. they are baking giant cake sized girl scout cookies.  which has reignited my desire to make it unto


masterpieces on the site include:

creme egg!


or my personal fav.. the ferrero rochet!


sinful, just sinful!

as of today, no one has ever done a bag of combos. im talking pretzel and cheddar, F that cracker combo ish.

whatcha think? suggestions? sweet or savory?

One Response to “i cant sleep”

  1. d. Says:


    not quite as artistic, but equally entertaining. i personally like the ‘Meat cake’ & ‘Mcgangbang’ sandwich.

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