cue the kenny loggins…

cause im turning my kitchen into a Danger Zone. i have been living in fear of a mouse we named Peanut Butter for a month now. I have tried humane traps, finding the source of entry, blackmail.. you name it! but now, its snappy trap time, you are going down PB.

now if the mouse was more like Gus


aka: dressed like a hipppie hipster and helped me (with the aid of a flew bluejays) when i had nothing to wear to an event.. it would be fine. but all it does is make a small rusting noise in my kitchen long enough for me to  scream to seth, and then the little f*cker goes real still and i look like a crazy woman as seth tells me its just the radiator.

i will be avenged! muahh haha.

(** despite my evil laugh, there is still part of me that hopes Peanut Butter reads my blog and put all his belongings in a tissue on a toothpick and hobos it right out oof my kitchen safely)


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