keeping an eye on my waistline.. but only because i dropped a tagalong in my lap.

today consisted of writing, lounging, and a dinner of smoked gouda grits and fried green tomatoes  at the shrimp boat.


afterwards i took my traditional photo in front  of PC’s famed strip club Tan Fannies. i accosted a teenage passerby to be my fellow model. he even put up with me directing him in several poses.


based on the picture below, lets play two lies and a truth:


A: i touched a goldfish in its tank then rubbed my eyes, and now i have pop eye disease.

B: i watched ‘make me a supermodel’ tonight and im detertmined to be on season three, now i will practice by taking pics of myself everyday (yeah, thatll be a huge break from the normal routine).

C: i dyed my hair red which must mean …theres a CUDZOO show this weekend.


if you guessed C, you are correct! (if you guessed B you are still half correct)(if you guessed A, how dare you. virtual slap!)

we play at ten pm at don hills( in the west village. come and dance with us! we are all kind of fun. and all the money we make is going towards recording our album this month.


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