apalachacoma (food)

took a nice long drive along the beach yesterday with deputy dawg, the sweetest mutt in panama city, in tow.


went out to apalachacola known for their oysters..


i really dont enjoy the loogies of the ocean, i will take my aphrodisiac in chocolate form, thank you. so i stuck with a healthy lunch of onion rings, key lime pie, and two glasses of sangria.



**you might be a redneck if you put “you might be a redneck if..” on every table in your seafood grill. side note however, when foxworthy was in his superfame, there was a -you might be a redneck if you have a relative who wrestles alligators for a living- uhh, at the time i did. big ups to cousin jared!

**also, dept dawg was oustide of the restaraunt lapping up some h20 as anne babytalked to him thru the window in general “hey deputy. hey sweet deputy” form. just as three street clothes dressed officers packing heat and wearing apalachacola police force tshirts turned to stare at us. they were not sweet deputies.


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