WTF mesnick! p.s. spoiler alert if you havent watched your tivoed finale..

oh man, this bachelor is really rubbing me the wrong way. in the series finale, melissa and molly get to finally meet jason’s son. after all, he said time and time again that in order to know who he can really be with.. he’s got to see them interact with his little boy. and guess what? its a tai! get it? his sons name is tai and he’s… nevermind.

fine, he did make a decision in the end but the guy has got more flip flops than a southern family reunion.WTF. not to mention the whole “dropping in” by deanna. “oh hi jason, i was just rounding out my lord of the rings tour and thought id stop by an ill fitting suit to not look psychotic at all and win back your heart”. nice try pappas. i think you’re crazy and your name always makes me want to eat french fries, so double F you.

ohhh jason. lets see how this plays out. you are the new king of mistakes. as seen below in your attempt at rocking a vest.



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