ahh isn’t VD wonderful…

i mean Valentine’s day! Valentine’s day! jeeze louise, yall are pervs.

highlights include sweet homemade cards, a new red notebook, amazing chocolates (the one in my mouth right now has ground espresso in it!),  an airbrush gun lesson, champagne, burritos, sleepless in seattle, potted daffodils, ben&jerry’s, cinnamon rolls, and laughs.


**on a side note, my stalker Naima, of America’s Next Top Model is back. First she was all up Seth and I’s grill as he was entertaining friends at a bar with some card tricks. Next I saw her 3 times in one week including her cornering me in a movie theater bathroom to ask details about the sale mentioned on my victoria’s secret bag. and now, she wrapped up my chocolates! here we go again…


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