my childhood is going bankrupt!

in a report today on Yahoo news, there are 15 major retailers that are in danger of going out of business this fiscal year. chrysler, loehmans, rite aid, blah blah blah but also CLAIRE’s and SBARRO! these were my jams back in the day of being dropped off at the mall with $10 and 3 hours to kill.

oh claires!

you go hand in hand in my memory bank with lisa frank and troll dolls. after 80 million ears pierced (including my upper ear not twice, but three times in 7th grade, b/c i could not let go of the dream despite multiple infections) you will be packing away your earring gun for good. ill miss you.


and , SBARRO, what can i say?  we’ve had some times man. baked ziti with extra marinara? dont even get me started. take car ol’ buddy!



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