double feature..

yesterday was perfect. i got to sleep in and relax. had a delicious meal of fried things with Seth and then we went and saw Kaufman’s directorial debut, Synecdoche. From what I had heard you either love it or hate it- I loved it. Weird, and charming, and sometimes just gross.

But the real reason im writing this post is earlier in the day I went and saw the long awaited “He’s just not that into you” with my dear friend and fellow mustache tattoo toter, Maegan. Theres nothing like catching a 4pm chick flick on opening day in NYC with a sold out crowd of estrogen. Just when you think it couldnt get any cheesier, Maegan has snuck in a box of milano cookies for me= heaven. ok so the plot was pretty standard, no big shockers here- although apparently the audience totally didnt see any infidelities or heart breaks coming. the gasps were loud and hilarious.

jennifer aniston played herself just like she does in every other role she has ever played (even Leprechan 2, seriously). scarlett johanssen was a nice character, but that chick just isnt likable to me at all. and yada yada yada. it was what it was. for all its faults, however,  i think the studio made the right choices for the film, instead of moving forward with their original idea..


the audience testing wasnt that bad, but the execs hated it.


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