cant “cross” that off my list…

yesterday i picked up the New York Post because it had a cover story about vodka being good for you. as i was reading it (it no doubt dissapointed and vodka isnt good for you, damn you Post and my wasted 50 cents!) and enjoying some grub at the mini thai cafe on ave a, in walk none other than this guy…


so i went up to him, made him laugh, shared a sapporo and took this pic of him and his bowl’o’noodles.

ummmm PSYCH! i did not go up, talk to him. i sat there and watched im get his takeout and then returned to my Post.  i wanted to. i wanted to tell him how much i love him in arrested development, mr show, pootie tang, hell i didnt even hate him in scary movie 2 (yes ive seen it, who are you to  judge me) but i couldnt form the words.

one might even say i got tongue-thai’ed. (hey yo, count it!)


One Response to “cant “cross” that off my list…”

  1. d.hart Says:

    you should have gone up to him and said, “oh my god!aren’t you the guy who has the sister who works at the pantry in north carolina?”, either that or just yelled “chicken pot chicken pot chicken pot pie” at him from across the room.

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