veg in 09

after 12 years as a vegetarian and a then a brief 3 year hiatus, i have gone back to the veg life this year. now im not promising that i wont slip and have my grandmas crunchy fried chicken or some bbq when in north carolina. but within the borders of new york state, im animal friendly.

HOWEVER, i would totally have to give up that resolution if burger king brought these back!! do you remember? im a sucker for the adorable.

** does anyone else notice the rather graphic female sigh throughout thechicken bundles commercial? (i.e. 9 seconds in). stange.

when googling this long lost BK treat, i see that my break from vegetarianism might not be that far away. there is already an online petition to bring them back! now that barack is offically in the white house, i need something else to hope for!


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