ok heres what made the top 5 short list of my 2009 resolutions. i think its futile to make then until at least a week after jan 1st so all the celebrating is over, cause lor knows its hard enough to keep them as is. so in no particular order here are some steps to a new mame in a new year.

eat healthier

im not saying im going to turn into a macrobiotic only eat fruits and veggies while they are attached the the tree health nut. im just saying i cleaned out my personal cabinet in the kitchen today and pulled out this amount of candy and chocolate.


(why yes that is betty boop candy lip gloss. appparently i am a 12 year old redneck)


it is not my enemy. however, i probably engage in this activity about 3 times a year. mainly i want to get back into dance. i was in dance class 4 days a week in high school and was a dance teacher at a summer camp all four summers of college. however, since ive been in the big city ive went to zero classes. i tend to blame this on each class being about $18. so i cant afford that and go to a bar and buy 7 beers instead

the last time i actually danced a choreographed routine was almost 3 years ago when i was asked to come back to my old dance studio, Dance with Mitzi (woot woot! shoutout!) to do an encore performance of Thriller for their 25th anniversary. i was the one in the red jacket of course. i was out of shape and out of breath. 7 minutes of dance kicking my ass should not be the case. not that the routine is easy of course. michael jackson can friggin move for a white guy.

get paid for my skillz

i dont want to wait tables. i dont want to answer phones. i want to get paid for performing and writing. period. so this is the year. in an ideal world (aka 2009) i will be getting freelance writing jobs, paid live performances, and my awesome agent (TBA) will be sending me on tons of commercial and tv auditions that i will nail.

i want to sleep in,  afford health insurance, never ask someone if they take milk with their coffee, spend hours on my laptop writing, etc etc.

this may seem like a lot of demands, but i assure you that im flexible. see below.


never post that photo again

lets face it, it is neither flattering nore classy. both of which i aspire to be.

travel again

i caught the bug on my travels to bali and australia this past fall. no not the awesome bug that makes you deathly ill and sit on a toilet for a month (however, i couldve skipped that wole eat healthy thing and went straight to 15 pounds lighter if i had). i caught the travel bug. i loved every second of my trip and have been itching to do it again every since.

where shall i go this time? i desparately want to get back to Oz to see my family of course. i also really want to travel south america. maybe brazil, argentina or perhaps even peru to climb machu picchu..


MOTHA F*, i am BAD at keeping resolutions.


3 Responses to “resolutions”

  1. d.hart Says:

    damn i wanna dip that marizipan in the nutella.

  2. Editor Says:

    Is that chili flavored chocolate? Are you yard sale-ing this stuff?

  3. mamrie Says:

    i may be starting to eat healthy, but im not wasteful. so i will finish it. tough.

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