more like “die”mate! am i right??

do you rememeber this movie?


ya know, the film that featured thora birch pre ghost world, american beauty, and humongous boobs? well it is absolutely nothing like this movie also starring a capuchin monkey. that monkey would steal you wallet or watch (not to mention your heart). this little furry 5 lbs of pure evil will steal your soul.

watched this friday night. holy hell. if you read my previous post about the monkey attack i experienced then you will understand why this movie combined with that story.. now has my a primate fear inching its way up the chart of my phobias (right behind rats, draw bridges, and the distconinutation of my favorite snacks.

***** did anyone else love love love the movie “now and then” that miss birch also starred?i spent many an hour trying to perfectly pause the skinny dipping scene to see if i could see a full frontal 14 year old devon sawa.

***** i was also 14 so it was totally acceptable.

******ok fine, i was only 9. dont judge me.


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