be mine canine torture

i always daydream and talk about how i want a little brussels griffon.


a puppy with a beard. doesnt get much better than that folks. brusssels griffons are a belgian breed and, therefore, his name would be Waffles. however, i get the same “you arent home enough”, “you arent responsible enough for another life” mumbo jumbo from a certain someone *cough seth cough*.

however this same person who will remain nameless *sneeze seth conor keal sneeze* as made it a habit of grabbing whatever neighbor is walking by with their adorable dog and surprising me with a visit. in sunset park it was the black shitzu coconut, tonight it was Ralphie.


this behavior has to come to an end! no, not me sitting on the couch watching tivoed”office” and “ace of cakes” in a charlotte hornets sweatshirt while drinking corona and eating ferrora rocher. no, thats just fine, i was referencing the adorable puppy torture.


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