let the holiday binge begin kickoff

its that time of year again. that time when everyone and their mama throws a christmas party. and knowing goog and well that ive never said no to a party, the month of recovering, dance offs, and bags under my eyes begin. where my main diet consists of whatever cheeseball rolled in nuts is at the party and bodega food at 5am.

we kicked it off this weekend with sandra d’s party. sandra and i lived together a few years ago and attending one of theses parties is even better than hosting it. heres a few snapshots:


(fellow finger, chris roberti. youd think the curls would always get the girls, but she is  having none of it)


(the host miss sandra d. 4’11’ christmas cheer and trouble)


(mr. travis call “of the wild” )

— and then on to saturday. my step mom anne and i thought, what says holidays to us? why the gist that keeps on giving of course! BURLESQUE.


we went to “this is burlesque holiday show” at Corio. saw the fastest tassle twirling this side of the mississippi. left Corio to see the winters first snow. anne was a little excited


(* note, i had to open this pic in photoshop so you wouldnt have to strain your neck and then decided to jazz it up! im not just nerdy enough to do it for no reason)

then off to williambushwick for my dear unc bff jacob liddells 25th bday. the bday boy had lots of costume changes.


phew. just when i finally hit the pillow and thought the weekend couldnt get any better. i wake up to find my boyfriend having secretly gone out and bought.set up a christmas tree with breakfast prepared. its tough i tell ya, real tough.


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