since i spent my thanksgiving serving other people their turkey at cafe cluny, and seth spent his thanksgiving filming Joan Rivers (what?!) we decided to throw a little turkey day part deux at our new place for others who had worked on thanksgiving and maegans family who was in town visiting from florida.


on the menu:

tofurkey with veggies, quorn  vegetarian chicken, stuffing, green bean casserole, vegetarian pigs in a blanket, gravy, mashed potatoes and then our friends brought blueberry pie, apple pie and vanilla ice cream and the most bomb diggity peanut butter and chocolate pie to ever touch my lips.

everything was delicious as you can tell if you look closely at  the size of cj’s green bean bite below (can you blame him? he swears a drop a single tear into every casserole which makes it so tasty. i will never reveal my secret).


once everyone woke from their food coma (seriously, do they add trimetaphan to fake turkey products?) we played a few rounds of charades (you try to mime gary busey!), discovered on demand karaoke on tv and killed P.Y.T in a group effort, and by the end of the night i was dancing around drinking wine and doing dishes at 2am to quiet riot. a new place that i love fulled with the ones that i love, so much to be thanksful for!!

*that last line was pretty sweet so i suggest you drop that little tear i just conjured up in the nearest casserole. bon appetit.


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