sunday=funday (which then means monday=bloated and hungover)

after another long weekend of working two brunches, i went and had dinner with my pops and stepmom at la esquina. so much fun. the storefront looks like a corner taco stand like this…


then when you walk in you tell the guy with the walkie talkie your reservation. you are lead downstairs and through the kitchen to the actual restaraunt which is dark and covered with mosaics of lowriders and borquias, plus they have over 200 tequilas. the waiter kept choosing his various favorite tequilas for my dad who humbly obliged.


nice and warm full of wine, i headed to the east village to my friend erins birthday. look at the pretty lady!

erin1 (and hely auditioning for “make me a supermodel” in the background, god love her)

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