everybodys working (on) the weekend.

Friday night was spent exactly how i wanted it to be. A romantic night
in of ordering mexican delivery and then watching a mexican restaraunt
episode of “Kitchen Nightmares”. I am getting progressively dumber
since seth and i got cable. and i love it! i want to write for tv so i
can rationalize watching as much crap as i want with considering it

after a long, hectic brunch shift at Cafe Cluny i went to my friend
Luke & Colleen’s annual Thanksgiving potluck. And it was there that i
fell in love


with Bullit! there are few things in the entire world that i find
cuter than pets that always keep their tongue stuck out. yes, i love
him. however, he was more into the host dog of the party Mortimer
Duke. he decided to express his love to MD in my lap.


we played some rockband, went into food comas, and i gave a lot of thanks when i finally got to go to bed after being up since 6am.

the next day was lazy and lovely. i capped off the weekend with my
sunday night date with my stepmom Anne. we got wine at the penthouse
bar at hotel gansevoort and then a tasty dinner at spice market.
i love these sunday nights. i get laughs, amazing food, and a free
therapy session in which i unload any future anxiety, current
stressing issues, lack of money blues and such to my babushka. who,
god bless her, willingly listens and hands out free advice!

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