you want to be on top?

i started a new job last week at a place called cafe cluny ( its a cute spot and with the uniform of converse allstars, skinny demins, and striped shirt not to mention my moustache tattoo.. i’m one beret short of a french citizenship.

the place is small but gets swarmed with celebrities. my first week of training alone i saw topher grace, william dafoe, cuba gooding junior, a bunch of models, and non other than miss tyra banks (twice!). now as much as i think she may actually be clinically retarded, i must admit… that girl is sweet! really nice. she was just grinning up a storm and it was way to early to be high (ya know the old adage, amphetamines before oatmeal never sicker- or something like that).

anywho! i saw tyra the day after CJ took steve and i’s headshots. we were singing the top model theme all the live long day. he also took some promotional shots for our webshow BOF.


the evening before headshots, which would be saturday night, i attended ali farahnakian’s 40th bday party. ali is the founder of the PIT and a thrower or a good party. keith huang is precious and took a lot of pics, here are a few… more at


and yes, tyra, clearly i want to be on top.

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