time warp

feast your eyes on the blog as i attempt to travel back in time (dolorian not included) and recap the last 30 days. its been exactly one month since i left australia and man has a lot happened. i feel like i just got back, i feel like i havent stopped moving, i miss my nieces, i missed this city, and how can one be exhausted when they vacationed for a month?

ok, enough of the sentimental bull, lets get started. we begin with the last week and travel backwards…

seth and i moved! we officially live by ourselves. woot woot! however, we have a lot  home improvement to tend to and then i promise to give a real virtual tour of the place. we are building a little love nest but we are about 100 twigs short. oh well. life is grand, times are changes, and we got a brother in the white house!

last weekend was halloween. my girl band CUDZOO was asked to host a halloween party at one of my favorite bars, Sparrow. The theme was Freak Show and we decorated the place like a big top. Here are CJ and I…


seth up on a hoopty.


I made ten trophies to award throughout the night in such freak competitions such as “Strongest Man” and “Who can text something dirty while their hands are taped up like a Lobster Freak”. I made a “Breast in Show” trophy to award to the biggest trolip of the night but it ended up being handed out to this lovely bearded lady…


and this lady got “best piece of fruit for someone of the asian decent”


The only thing more fun than going to sleep at 6am on Halloween is waking up and moving. Take my word for it.

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