s-a-t-u-r-day! hey!

day 6:

man oh man what a day.

picked up at 8am and headed to brunch on the mountain overlooking bali’s volcanos..

next stop was a coffee and chocolate plantation (my dream come true!) grinded bali coffee, learned about plants, tried new fruits and then sat down for a tasting. tiny cups in front of us of coffee, ginseng coffee, fresh ground hot cocoa, lemongrass tea and ginger tea. they also had a glass jar of tobacco and rolling paper in the center of each table. apparently jillian wasnt adequate so our guide rolled her a bali slim..

then the bike ride! three hours down (and a little up, so help me god) thru villages and rice fields. then children would run out of their house in each village and say “hallo! hallo!” and hold out there hands for high fives. i managed to not run over a single one, but i think i nicked a couple (shhh).

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