road trip

day 5:

ahhhhh Ubud. the cultural capitol of bali. the gang, including pierre and mangde, headed out in the last day of our car rental to the lake tamblingan and lake buyan. we drive up the mountains and pierre shaved approximately 7 years off my life with his driving. anything goes on the road in bali. you know its bad when i think to myself “the drunk drivers usually survive in wrecks because their bodies are more relaxed from being intoxicated. so just go limp mamrie, just go.. FUCK truck!!”

we stopped in candi kuning, know for their strawberries, and got lunch at a market. filled up on fresh berries, purple sweet potato chips and caramlized tapioca root. yum yum. haggled with the market ladies and got fresh vanilla beans and saffron.

stopped for lunch with THIS view…

headed into ubud and had dinner with friends. we stayed at a place called nicks pension (300,000 rupiahs or $30 a night for a triple!) and it looks a little something like this…

motel 6 prices with hilton views.

One Response to “road trip”

  1. Caroline Says:

    ahhh, just what everyone dreams bali looks like. stay AWAY from the monkeys!
    we’re enjoying reading about your adventures. love you, mom

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