eat, pray, b’scuse me?!

today in ubud we sought out wayan from the best selling book “eat, pray, love”. if you havent read it, its wonderful and i strongly recommend it. in the book the author stays six months in bali and befriends a woman named wayan who is a traditional balinese healer. she has a tiny shop with two tables and serves a vitamin lunch. this is a series of dishes that are really super good for you and she explains the healing/medicinal properties of each dish.

we started with this drink of freshly grated tumeric, lime, honey, and water..

then went from there.

at the end of the meal wayan gave each of us a tiny hand reading of our health. jillian is gassy needs more calcium blah blah, erika will marry once and should stay away from eggs and meat. then came mine! after inspecting my hands for what seemed for forever, wayan bestowed her read upon me. she says, verbatim “your mind is in the middle. youre not that smart and not that stupid”.

that was it. what?!? i come to a traditional healer on the other side of the world to find out im average? well her cooking was average. ive got a new nemesis- wayan from eat, pray, love.

ok i walked it off and then we headed to mangde’s village to attend the full moon ceremony. it was amazing. his sisters dressed us in traditional garb..

then we headed to the temple to pray and put up our shrine of flowers and incense. then for the next 2 hours it was display of intense music (mangde plays gamalan) costumes and dancing. we were the token caucasians and i was so happy to experience something that most tourists do not.

afterwards, mangdes sisters and mom cooked us dinner- fish caught that day by mangde’s brother. his family were some of the nicest people ive ever met, welcoming us into their home and culture. i love bali.

2 Responses to “eat, pray, b’scuse me?!”

  1. Rach Says:

    Mame! I’m so glad I found this your pics are phenomenal…just wanted to say you are in no way, shape, form average! You are super de duper smart and hysterical- can’t wait to see more pics!! I miss you guys and wish I could have gone with you!!! xoxoxo

  2. Andrea Says:

    Hi. please connect with hallie, this was great. I miss you both. Love, Andrea

    ps, Judie and i are staying with your mom tonight in NC.

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