a shell of a day

with erika in tow, we headed off to our friend mangde’s (pronounced monday) village to get a taste of the real local feel. mangde’s brother runs the bali turtle conservancy and what awaited us was cute overload. get ready… ( i swear i will figure out how to get these pics right)

of course it left me and hely ready to throw fundraisers and parties in new york to raise money for this organization that is hurting financially. so just be prepared to attend “rock for turtles!” in the LES or perhaps a race for pet turtles in prospect park to make some dough (what would be a turtle marathon? like three yards? send opinions and ideas please)

from there we had the strangest lunch of my life at mangde’s uncles restaraunt. just the six of us in a huge hut singing karaoke at 1 in the afternoon. i love mispellings and erika did a lovely rendition of “sometimes when we tounch” thats right, touNch.

our afternoon was rounded out by sneaking into the bali hyatt and taking advantage of their poolside happy hour before they caught unto us.

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