dear diary,

i used to obsess over a beautiful journal when i a was a wee lady and
when i finally got it, i would write in it for a couple days then
forget about it (no wonder i cant have pets, they would starve) this
would be followed up up with an entry a few months later apologizing
to my diary about how sorry i was for not writing as if it had actual
feelings. so…

dear blog,

im so sorry i havent written in such a long time. this summer has been
crazy and i dont know where the time went. i will try to write more
often and, again, lo siento. ok, so this past month what the hell have
i done? well, i hung out with my dad and anne a lot- put on  a solid
5lbs with all the delicious meals they bought and went and saw some
broadway. finished BOF (my webshow that will premiere on
next month!) had a great second run for my sketch group
finger. drank too much,wrote a lot- oh! and my hard drive crashed and now i cant upload photos on my computer… this will be fixed asap.

just got home this evening from 3 days of camping and now i leave for bali and australia on saturday for a whole month. better find my passport and pay some bills!

love always and forever,


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